Why talk to me – your campus Dietitian?

Not sure if you should talk to the Registered Dietitian?  

If you’re on the meal plan and you have a dietary need of any kind, I’m your go-to person for questions and concerns about dining on campus! I’m here to support you and make sure you have the tools to make safe and informed food choices.  

You might be thinking….”I’ve managed this my whole life. I know what to do.” Coming to campus is a whole new experience. Most 1st year students have never been to a dining hall, which is where support from the chefs and I come in.  

3 reasons to connect with me:  

1) I’ve got the inside scoop! I can coordinate with you and the chefs to ensure there are food options to meet your needs.  

2) I can help facilitate dietary accommodations as needed. What this looks like can vary from person to person (there’s not a cookie cutter solution!). That’s why it’s helpful to book a confidential appointment to discuss your specific needs. Plus, I have the scientific background to understand what food choices may be appropriate for you.  

3) Get tips and suggestions. There may be dining options and tricks of the trade that just hadn’t crossed your mind. That’s what I’m here for!  

Reach out before you come to campus and anytime throughout the year. Feel free to book an appointment, virtually or in-person or send an email. Stay tuned on our social @queensfood for videos and more. 

Theresa Couto, RD

Registered Dietitian


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