We Heard You!

At Queen’s we want our students’ dining experiences to be fun, enjoyable, and nourishing. We collect student feedback through a variety of platforms including our Napkin Talk digital channel, in-person Happy or Not terminals in the dining halls, and through our website.

Many of the changes that happen in Hospitality Services are a direct result of valuable student feedback. While we review every comment received, please recognize that change does take time to implement, and suggestions will be considered on a priority basis. Click on the headers below to see what changes we have made to address some of the feedback received!

Looking for more vegan/vegetarian items

October updates in the Dining Halls

  • Vegan burgers now served at all times off the grill in the dining halls.
  • Tofu offered at all times at the stir fry stations.
  • Plant-based proteins offered at the salad bar.
  • Plant-based chicken fingers offered when chicken fingers are on the menu.
  • Vegetarian pasta is available at the Pasta Station at least 3 times per week.
Halal options at breakfast

November changes in The Lazy Scholar, Location 21, Jean Royce Barista:

  • Halal turkey sausage & bacon was introduced for breakfast at The Lazy Scholar, Location 21, and JR Barista.
Long wait times

How we are addressing this:

  • EXPRESS to-go meals from all dining halls for a meal swipe.
  • Transact mobile app allows students to order food and beverages ahead of time.
  • Transact app allows students to book their dining hall time and skip the line.
  • Partnered with 2 new food trucks on campus that accept meal plans, increasing the number of locaitons on campus.
  • Dining halls are open until 9:00 pm on weekends
TAM inclusions & Beverage Options

Trade A Meals (TAMs) are a convenience option built into your meal plan that offers you an option to “trade-in” one of your dining hall meals for a designated combo meal in participating retail locations on campus. As part of the tax exemption guidelines for meal plans, TAM menu offerings may have limitations.

TAM beverage inclusions:

  • Fountain beverages at The Lazy Scholar and Location 21.
  • Small white or chocolate cartons of milk at select locations.
  • Canned beverages at Wally’s and the Jean Royce Barista.

Note: All combos and meal swipes at Wally’s include your choice of a canned beverage, coffee, tea, or small milk.

Flex $ are taxable funds provided in addition to your meal plan. These funds can be used to purchase retail single serve snacks such as chips/candy, baked goods, specialty coffees or can be used to add onto a Trade A Meal.

Dietitian & Allergy Appointment Buy Flex $
& Campus Meal Plans