Buy New or Top Up Contest


During the month of November, purchase ANY Off-Campus Meal Plan or purchase $250 in Flex $ or more and you are automatically entered to win 1 of 6 amazing prizes, including the grand prize of $1,000 Flex $!

Other Prizes:
2x 250 Flex $, 3x 50 Flex $ Draw takes place on December 1, 2016.

For detailed information on meal plans, please call the office at 613-533-2953!

Why Purchase a Meal Plan?

It’s fast. It’s convenient. It’s flexible. We have 8 different off-campus meal plans to suit your needs. Your time is precious – let us do all of the grocery shopping, cooking and clean up for you!
There are many benefits to purchasing an off-campus meal plan:

  • Save the tax on all dining hall meals and meal equivalencies.
  • No need to carry cash – the plan is registered on your student I.D.
  • Access to all All-You-Care-to-Eat dining halls on campus. (main and west)
  • All retail locations on campus accept meal plans.
  • Saves you time. No need to prep meals and snacks or leave campus to eat at home.

Off-Campus Meal Plans are available for purchase by all Queen’s students living off-campus. You can purchase your plan online (we now accept credit cards!) or by filling out the Off-Campus Meal Plan Contract and emailing a copy to Or you can stop by the office in Victoria Hall, room E022 and we can help you set it up!

Want to Top-Up Your Flex $?

  • Flex $ are taxable funds we provide in addition to your meal plan. These funds can be used to purchase retail single serve snacks such as pop, bags of chips and baked goods, or can be used to add onto a meal greater than $8.75 (the standard meal equivalency per meal value). HST will be added to Flex $ purchases. These funds do not expire and can be carried over to the next academic year. You can top up your Flex $ onlineOR Download the Flex $ Top-up Form and email it to You can also fax the completed form to 613-533-6665, or drop it off at our office in Victoria Hall.


Food Allergy or Dietary Limitation?

Ask Before You Eat - Logo-01

At Queen’s University, we take allergies and special diets very seriously. We support students who have allergies and dietary restrictions by providing information and knowledge that is essential for students to make informed choices while dining on campus and participating in the university experience. We encourage all students to “Ask Before They Eat”. For more information, please visit our Allergies page.