Our primary focus for composting is to minimize the amount of food waste that is generated throughout our dining operations. Our retail outlets are also participating in this organics program.

To do so, we have installed two ECorect machines: the first in Ban Righ’s Dining Hall in 2009 and second in Leonard Hall’s Dining Hall in 2011.

This DeHydrator System is a unique waste management system that reduces waste volume by 9 to 1 (93%) and works without any negative impacts towards the environment.

The majority of the material from the ECorect machine is sent to Donnandale Farms in Sterling, Ontario.  The university’s Grounds department uses some of the material as mulch for campus flower beds. In 2013-14, food service groups on campus diverted approximately 180 MT of organic material from Ontario landfills.

Want to know more about this device? Check out Somat’s website!

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