Bottled Water Free Campus

Fresh Water Station

Queen’s University is a bottled water free campus!

Map of Water Stations

Queen’s University has 190 drinking fountains and more than 35 bottle-fill stations located across campus. The recent installations of the bottle-fill stations are in support of the campus-wide ban on bottled water sales and distribution that took effect on September 1, 2012. Before this installation, an annual average of 98,000 bottles of water were sold on campus.

In addition to the drinking fountains and bottle-fill stations, we encourage all students, staff, faculty and guests to use our Q Water station located in MC2 and KHAO. This filtered water system allows you to choose between still or sparkling water.

Q water is an environmentally friendly water source that is clean and fresh tasting, without any added sodium. The Q Water fountain is conveniently located in Mackintosh Corry Hall just outside the Canadian Grilling Company. Make a sustainable choice and fill up your water bottle when you’re passing through!

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