We Love Local Food

Where food comes from, how it is produced, prepared, distributed and handled all have an impact on our environment. Queen’s University Hospitality Services is committed to helping protect our community and environment through a variety of initiatives that will help reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the capability of our environment. We aim to reduce our impact by purchasing from local vendors, using sustainable products, offering more plant-based foods, and committing to continuous improvement.

Supporting local farmers is important to us here at Queen’s University. Through our local produce wholesaler, Deodato’s, we purchase a variety of fresh in-season produce from over 22 different farmers in Ontario and Quebec. In 2017, Queen’s University Hospitality Services purchased over 1.2 million dollars of local products including apples, tomatoes, beets, potatoes, corn, onions, and peppers to name a few. These items, alongside local Kingston bread, Brockville free-run eggs, Ottawa area milk and cream, Ontario cheese, ice cream and chicken, and Ontario/Quebec pork are incorporated and highlighted in our dining halls and select retail locations daily.

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