Waste Diversion

Macintosh-Corry Hall, The Lazy Scholar (Victoria Hall), Location 21, and KHAO are home to environmentally friendly multi-sort recycling, composting and waste containers. These containers are part of our on-going waste diversion strategy.

These multi-sort containers have several different slots which encourage people to separate their waste based on the recycling protocols.  A combination of pictures with actual products used in locations and text explain which container your waste should be placed within. Note: this may be different than your home town! See the images above. You can also download the Waste Wizard App for a quick search.

If you are unsure of which slot you should to place your waste,  please ask our Recycling Champions who are happy to assist! Be sure not to contaminate the compost and recycling bins.

These multi-sort containers help campus community members become active participants in the university’s waste diversion strategy.

The Queen’s Sustainability Office will track the use of these multi-sort containers throughout their on-going waste audits. The AMS and Queen’s Sustainability have created a video on proper waste diversion for the blue, green and grey receptacles located across campus:

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