Changing the way we do coffee and tea on campus!

The ECO Beverage Card started during Sustainability Week in 2018. Due to COVID 19, this program will look a little different this year. Following Public Health and Safety guidelines, we will not be offering self serve coffee or tea in reusable mugs. To continue with our sustainability mandate, we are introducing the Huskee Cup program. For a $5 deposit, you can enter this program and receive a clean reusable mug every time you purchase a coffee or tea at participating locations. When you are finished with your coffee/tea, simply return the mug to one of our participating locations for a carabiner, if you would like to get a coffee/tea later, or a clean mug, if you would like another coffee or tea now. We have 4 locations participating in this program this semester.

The program:

  1. Receive a stamp for all coffee and tea’s purchased in a Huskee Cup at participating locations. The price of a coffee or tea in your Husky Cup is now the price of a small.
  2. Bring reusable cutlery to eat your meal and receive another stamp on your card.
  3. At Jean Royce Dining Hall only, participate in the ECO-Container Program and receive an extra stamp every time you use your container!
  4. At MC2 in Macintosh Corry Hall, get a stamp for participating in the ECO Soup container program
  5. After collecting 7 stamps on your card, customers are able to get a cup of coffee or tea for free in the husky Cup!

The Goal:

  1. Our goal is to increase the use of reusable mugs on campus from 11% to 20%
  2. By increasing the usage of reusable mugs on campus to 20%, we would be saving 23,894 cups and lids from the landfill and recycling streams. That’s a big deal.

Get your card at one of our participating locations:

The Lazy Scholar
Location 21
Jean Royce Dining Hall
MC2 in Mac Corry

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