Student Fundraising Opportunities

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Queen’s Hospitality Services is proud to partner with student-run clubs and groups to raise funds for their activities.  Please note the following guidelines:

    Approved groups are eligible for one fundraising initiative per semester and/or by availability.
    Group/clubs are responsible for promoting the event and responsible for being on-site during the fundraising event.
    Group/club Fundraising Application Forms should be completed and submitted to Hospitality Services as soon as possible. Your fundraising date will be assigned based on vendor availability.
    Follow our Tips on How to Promote Your Fundraising Opportunity.

Please fill out the Fundraising Application Form and return it to Hospitality Services for review.
All students that are having a fundraising event that involves food MUST print and prominently post this allergen sign at their table or location.

Please direct any questions to

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& Campus Meal Plans