Off-Campus Meal Plans

If you had an off-campus meal plan that was active up until the shut down on March 22, 2020, your meal plan will be reactivated for use from September 7-October 10. Please contact with any questions.

If you are interested in purchasing an Off-Campus Meal Plan, we ask that you thoroughly review the COVID-19 protocols on the following page.

Meal plans can be purchased at any time during the academic year, and by any upper-year student not on a meal plan, including Graduate Students, as well as staff and faculty. Our plans are pro-rated, so they decrease in price as time passes. If you are interested in a plan, please contact the main office or log into your SignOn online to see the updated prices.

If you are an upper-year student, a student living off-campus or a graduate student, we have an Off-Campus Meal Plan to fit your on-campus lifestyle.

Why Purchase a Meal Plan?

It’s fast. It’s convenient. It’s flexible. We have designed our Off-Campus Meal Plans to meet the needs of our off-campus students. There are weekly plans for those who want a certain amount of meals every week, or annual plans where you can use the meals any time during the academic year. Our meal plans turn your student card into an all-access pass for eating on campus. Our Annual, TAM’s and Flex $ work exactly how you remember. We have 8 different off-campus meal plans to choose from.

There are many benefits to purchasing an off-campus meal plan:

  • Save the tax on all dining hall meals and Trade a Meals.
  • No need to carry cash – the plan is registered on your student I.D.
  • Access to all All-You-Care-to-Eat dining halls on campus. (main and Jean Royce Hall)
  • All retail locations on campus accept meal plans.
  • Saves you time. No need to prep meals and snacks or leave campus to eat at home.

Off-Campus Meal Plans are available for purchase by all Queen’s students living off-campus. You can purchase your plan online through the SignOn portal, or by filling out this form and bringing it to the Hospitality Services Office in Victoria Hall. If you have any questions, please contact the office at 613-533-2953.

8 Meal Plan Options

Dining Hall Lover – Weekly 5** – $2,266
– 5 dining hall meals per week in the dining halls
– Snack Plan: $200 Flex $*

Dining Hall Lover – Weekly 21** – $6,500 (NEW)
– 21 dining hall meals per week in the dining halls
– 200 Trade a Meals (TAM’s)

Dining Hall Lover – Annual 50** – $860
– 50 anytime dining hall meals
– Snack Plan: $200 Flex $*

Dining Hall Lover – Annual 100** – $1,495
– 100 anytime dining hall meals
– Snack Plan: $200 Flex $

Dining Hall Lover – Annual 200** – $2,750
– 200 anytime dining hall meals
– Snack Plan: $200 Flex $*

Dining Hall LoverWeekly 10 – $3,662
– 10 dining hall meals per week
– 200 Trade A Meals (TAM)

Dining Hall Lover Annual 320 – $3,615
– 320 anytime dining hall meals
– 200 Trade a Meals (TAM)

The TAM Plan – $1,865
– 150 TAM’s that can be used in retail during the academic year.
*this meal plan cannot be purchased with any other active plan.

*all snack plan purchases subject to HST.
**meal plan pricing includes HST.
Terms & Conditions

Does your Meal Plan include TAM’s?

Watch for this symbol in retail!

Don’t want to commit to a Meal Plan? Use Flex $!

  • Flex $ are taxable funds we provide in addition to your meal plan. These funds can be used to purchase retail single serve snacks such as pop, Fresh to Go items, and baked goods, or can be used to add onto a Trade A Meal (TAM). HST will be added to Flex $ purchases. More Flex $ can be added at any time in any denomination. These funds do not expire and can be carried over to the next academic year. You can purchase Flex $ or top up your Flex $ online by logging into the SignOn portal.

The more Flex $ you buy, the more you earn!

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