Leanpath Spark

Chef Kevin Silva using the Lenapath machine

In 2019 we implemented LeanPath Spark at our Leonard and Ban Righ Dining Halls. In 2021, this system was also implemented at Jean Royce Dining Hall. Leanpath Spark incorporates our floor scale and digital signage integration for food waste tracking, education, and action. Track post-consumer waste and educate consumers on the impact they can have by helping to reduce it. Finally, a way to drive behaviour change to reduce post-consumer food waste.

In the summer of 2019, Hospitality Services partnered with Leanpath, whose mission is to “make food waste prevention and measurement everyday practice in the world’s kitchen”. This system allows us to track pre and post-consumer food waste by incorporating floor scales and integrating digital signage to track, educate and take action. In the kitchens, this technology will allow our management team to immediately see the impact of waste, effectively take action, and educate staff accordingly. In the dining halls, Leanpath Spark will track post-consumer waste and subsequently educate our consumers on the impact they can have by helping reduce food waste. Thus, a way to drive behaviour change to reduce food waste.

Messaging has been created to further educate our consumers on how we reduce food waste in the kitchen, how they can reduce food waste in the all-you-care-to-eat dining halls, and why it is important to reduce food waste. Tips for students include: asking for different portion sizes, eating mindfully, and doing a lap of the dining hall to see what the options are first.

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