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Are you a Queen’s student, staff, or faculty member looking to get more involved on campus? Collaborate with our campus community to help shape the food environment here at Queen’s. Share your voice to help make continuous improvements on campus. See how you can get involved with Queen’s Hospitality Services today! 

About Queen’s Hospitality Services

Hospitality Services is the Queen’s University department responsible for the provision of Hospitality & food services by monitoring contracts with two providers (Aramark & Coca-Cola) operating on campus. The university takes a direct role in the on-going review of services to the campus, the strategic expansion and development of food operations, and identifies and executes renovation projects.

Queen’s Hospitality Services aims to nourish success through best in-class dining experiences where our guests connect and thrive.

Queen’s Hospitality Services is committed to providing the highest quality, guest-centric food and experiences that nourish, connect and meet the needs of our diverse community in a sustainable and financially responsible way. 

Queen’s Hospitality Services values are a commitment to our campus community:

Your input is essential to Queen’s Hospitality Services! 

Sustainability Ambassadors

Queen’s Hospitality Services is looking for enthusiastic students who are passionate about sustainability and food to be our Sustainability Ambassadors. Please read the full job description here. Application deadline is Friday, September 30th by 4:30pm.

Be a Mystery Shopper!

The Mystery Shopper application is open to our students, staff, and faculty to gather feedback to ensure brand consistency. In addition, it is an opportunity for Hospitality Services to gather unbiased opinions on several key aspects of the foodservice operations on campus. This feedback allows us to make changes to improve the quality of the customer experience. Applicants are compensated with Flex $ to cover their shopping expenses and required to return evaluations after each purchase.

Apply today for Winter 2023 wait list: Mystery Shopper application form

Campus Food Services Advisory Committee


The Food Services Advisory Committee provides input to Housing and Ancillary Services on matters pertaining to the delivery of food services at Queen’s, including residence meal plans and the retail services options available on campus. Attending members have a passion for food and a keen interest in collaborative discussions related to campus food operations.

This includes but is not limited to: the sale of food, including items such as quality, quantity, type of food, adaptability, responsiveness to changing preferences and lifestyles of students, faculty, and staff, manner of service, pricing, budget, operations and hours of service.  Areas of discussion may include:

  • Policies and services, customer service, and student engagement
  • Budgetary priorities for the department and an annual consultation on retail prices
  • Consideration and sharing of ideas on food service delivery, promotions, and facility projects
  • Support and engagement of student government (AMS and ResSoc) in operational practices
  • As an overarching philosophy, consideration of sustainability and EDII priorities with respect to all recommendations and decisions

The committee may review specific matters referred to it by the Residence Advisory Committee.

The Campus Food Services Advisory Committee typically meets six times per academic year. (September, October, November and January, February, and March) 


Chair:  Director, Business Development & Communications, Housing and Ancillary Services

Executive Director, Housing and Ancillary Services

Registered Dietitian & Sustainability Manager, Housing and Ancillary Services

Hospitality Services Operations Manager, Housing and Ancillary Services

Aramark, Senior Campus Manager

Aramark, Executive Chef

Aramark, General Manager

Aramark, Marketing Coordinator

Cold Beverage Supplier Representative

President, Residence Society (or designate)

President, Alma Mater Society (or designate)

Residence Life Coordinator

Student Affairs Representative

First-year resident in a non-leadership role

Upper Year Student-at-Large

Don or Senior Don

One Staff and one Faculty Representative

We currently have vacancies for the following positions:

1 staff representative

1 faculty representative

1 First-year resident in a non-leadership role

1 Upper Year Student-at-large The meetings are scheduled for Thursday’s, monthly (except for December and April), from noon to 1pm

*Student representatives will be compensated with $100 per term, for their attendance and active engagement in six 1-hour meetings, over the academic year. There is no advanced prep work required.

To join the Food Service Advisory Committee, please contact Maureen Hamilton at

Fundraising Initiatives

Hospitality Services provides student groups and clubs access to partner with pre-approved local food trucks on campus to assist with fundraising initiatives. AMS sanctioned student groups are invited to fill out the application form to be directly partnered with a pre-approved vendor supporting their Club fundraising initatives. Once submitted, all approved groups and clubs will be provided confirmation of the fundraising event date and details of the associated responsibilities. 

How to apply: Fill out your application for the fall semester here.

Interested in learning more about other Hospitality Services initiatives on campus? Visit our Sustainable U page

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