Frequently Asked Questions

Special Diets and Allergies

What do I do if I have a food allergy or dietary need? +

Hospitality Services accommodates a wide range of dietary needs including food allergies, dietary requirements for medical conditions and for those with religious observances, along with vegetarian and vegan diets.  Please visit our Dietary Needs, Dining with Allergies, or Dietary Accommodations pages for more information including how to book an appointment with our Registered Dietitian and/or Executive Chef.

Meal Plans:

For weekly meal plans, what day does the week begin? +

The weekly plans reset on Monday at 12:01 am. This means your weekly allotment of meals runs from Monday to end of day Sunday.

Is my meal plan tax exempt? +

Dining halls meal and Trade A Meals are tax exempt. Items purchased with Flex $ will  be taxed.

How many meals do you serve per week? +

Our dining halls are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday through Friday. On weekends, breakfast, brunch and dinner is available at Jean Royce and Leonard Dining Halls. We serve approximately 20,000 meals per week.

Is there a deadline to purchase my meal plan? +

Students on a Residence Meal Plan will be automatically enrolled in their meal plan upon acceptance of your residence offer. Off-campus meal plans can be purchased any time before March 30 each year. Off-campus meal plans will be pro-rated from the beginning of September.

Can I receive a refund for meals I did not use during the academic year? +

Meal plans are non-refundable to meet Canadian tax regulations. As well, an average number of missed meals is already factored into the cost of your plan to keep the overall cost of your meal plan as low as possible.

Why can’t my unused meals carry over to the next academic year? +

Canadian tax regulations require that a non-taxable meal plan have a defined term and be non-refundable.

How many weeks are there in a school year? +

The academic year is approximately 32 weeks long.

Can I use my meal plan to bring visiting friends or relatives to the dining hall? +

Yes! The residence meal plan includes five (5) guest passes that can be used during the school year. In combination with the guest pass, your guest will pay a reduced door price of $5.00. This cost can be paid using cash or Flex $. No guest passes to be used on Friday or no cash sales on Fridays at the dining halls. No guest passes to be used  during home coming or St. Patrick’s day.

Are there specific ‘meal times’ in which I can use my meal plan? +

The dining halls do not have set meal periods. If you have a residence meal plan or are a Weekly meal plan holder, you may enter the Dining Halls at any time, up to 3 times per day, and up to 19 times per week. This allows students the flexibility to choose the times they eat and accommodate for busy class schedules. If you hold a Weekly plan and wish to eat more than 3 times per day, you may use a Trade A Meal or Flex $ to purchase a meal in retail. Weekly holders can also use Flex $ to pay to enter the Dining Halls. If you are still hungry after using your 3 dining hall meals, you are still able to use up to 4 TAM’s in retail. Please note that your TAM’s do come off your weekly 19 meals.

How much does it cost to eat in the dining halls? +

Along with Meal Swipes, our all-you-care-to-eat dining halls accept Flex $ and Cash. If you are paying with any of the listed options above, you’ll be charged the door rate upon entry.
Breakfast: $8.50 + tax
Lunch: $12.00 + tax
Dinner: $14.00 + tax

How does the meal plan work at West campus? +

At Jean-Royce dining hall, the meal plan works a bit differently than the all-you-care-to-eat dining halls on main campus.
Monday – Friday
Breakfast & Dinner = All-you-care-to-eat
Lunch = Not all-you-care-to-eat. Use your dining hall meal swipe on a specific meal identified by the symbol.
Barista = Use your dining hall meal swipe on a specific meal identified by the symbol.
Late Night Barista (7:30pm – 12:00am) = use a TAM on a specific meal item identified with the TAM symbol.

Brunch & Dinner = All-you-care-to-eat
Day barista = use your dining hall meal swipe on a specific meal identified by the symbol.
Late Night Barista (7:30pm – 12:00am) = use a TAM on a specific meal items identified by the TAM symbol.

How do I purchase an Off-Campus Meal Plan? +

So you’re thinking about purchasing an Off-Campus Meal Plan. There are 3 ways you can do this:
1. Sign in to the SignOn portal and purchase it online.
2. Fill out this form and deliver it to the Hospitality Services Office in Victoria Hall.
3. Need a bit more help? Come and see us and we will walk you through which option is best for your on-campus lifestyle!

Trade A Meals

What is a Trade A Meal ? +

Trade A Meals() allow you to “trade in” one of your dining hall meals for a designated Trade a Meal specials in retail! TAM’s are not additional meals on top of your dining hall meals, they add flexibility to your meal plan, allowing you to eat outside the dining hall and explore the many different flavours that our 23 retail locations have to offer. From Asian cuisine to juicy burgers, your plan lets you trade up to 200 dining hall meals for designated TAM’s in retail, up to a maximum of 4 per day.

Does My Meal Plan have a Trade a Meal(TAM) option? +

Not all meal plans have the Trade a Meal option. Read the meal plan components carefully to choose the plan that works for you.

How do I use my Trade A Meals in your retail locations? +

All of our outlets offer specially designated Trade A Meal items. Just look at the menus and posted posters for the symbol. Let the cashier know that you’re using a TAM from your meal plan. If you would like to add a snack or single serve item on top of your TAM item, you can use Flex $ or cash to make up the difference.

Snack Plan/Flex $

What are Flex $? +

Flex $ can be purchased separately or could be included in your meal plan. If your meal plan includes Flex $, these are taxable funds we provide in addition to your meal plan as a bonus to start off the semester. These funds can be used to purchase retail single serve snacks such as pop, Fresh to Go items and baked goods, or can be used to add onto a Trade A Meal.

Can I add Flex $ to my Snack Plan? +

Yes! You can add as little or as much money as you wish to your Snack Plan by ‘topping up’ your Flex $. You can add these funds online by logging into the SignOn portal. If you have any questions, please contact the main office at 613-533-2953

Do Flex $ Expire? Are they refundable? +

Unused Flex $ do not expire and funds can be carried over to the next academic year. These funds are refundable with a $50 administration fee.

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