Reusable Container Initiative

Between September 2019 – April 2022, our GOOD TO GO initiative diverted 47,159 single-use
containers from the landfill. With your help, we can increase this number!

Beginning September 1, 2022, Hospitality Services will introduce a $0.75 fee on single-use take-out food containers in proprietary campus food outlets. To meet the university’s climate action objectives while advancing the UN SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, the fee is expected to drive higher participation in the reusable GOOD TO GO reusable container initiative.

The fee determination resulted from a university sector scan of comparable eco container programs and a campus survey that engaged students, staff, and faculty between November 8, 2021 – April 29, 2022. 54.54% of survey respondents supported a fee introduction, of which 38.8% favoured a proposed rate in the range of $0.75 – $1.00. Endorsement of the single-use fee has been received from the University’.

When considering the full product life cycle, including the manufacturing and distribution of reusable, versus single-use containers, it remains more sustainable to shift take-out food into reusable containers. The fees collected in this initiative are intended for cost recovery and not as an additional revenue stream.

How it works: 


Bring your carabiner to a food counter. Order your meal in a GOOD TO GO container and exchange your carabiner with a staff member. 


Receive your meal in a sanitized GOOD TO GO container to take away and enjoy. 


Return your used GOOD TO GO container for a carabiner at a Swap Station to use later or exchange it for a sanitized container at a food counter now.

Collect a stamp for every exchange and fill your loyalty card! With 10 stamps you can redeem your card for a free 16oz fountain beverage, medium coffee, tea or hot chocolate and enter your full card into a monthly draw to win 50 Flex $.

Have questions about the initiative? Visit our GTG FAQ page!

All meal plan holders are auto-enrolled in the GOOD TO GO reusable container initiative!

Residence Students: You will receive your green carabiner when you pick up your room keys at a residence front desk.

Campus Meal Plan holders: You can pick up your green carabiner in the main Hospitality Services Office in Victoria Hall, room E022, and start using the container!

Other: If you don’t have a meal plan, receive a GOOD TO GO carabiner from a cashier at participating retail locations for a $5 deposit.

*At the end of the year, GOOD TO GO containers or carabiners can be returned to receive a $5 flex credit.

Click here to view a map of locations where you can Swap or Exchange your container.

GOOD TO GO Swap Locations: GOOD TO GO opt-in locations are identified with an *

• *The Lazy Scholar

• *Location 21

• *Wally’s

• *Flip!t

• *Jean Royce Dining Hall (lunch)

• *Jean Royce Barista

• Student Street

• *The Library Cafe

• *Goodes Cafe

• *MC2

• PEACH Market

• Common Ground

• Victoria Hall

• Jean Royce Hall

• Albert Street

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