ECO Programs

Between September 2019 – April 2022, our ECO Container Program diverted 23,831 single-use
containers from the landfill. With your help, we can increase this number!

ECO Container program: 

Students, staff, and faculty can participate in the ECO Container Program, supporting waste reduction on campus. Customers who choose to reuse take their meals in a reusable ECO Container instead of a disposable one, helping to divert single-use packaging from landfills. The used containers simply get returned to a Drop Bin in participating locations, where they get cleaned, sanitized and put back into circulation.

If you are a student living in residence or purchased a meal plan that includes flex $, you are automatically enrolled in the ECO Container program!
Residence Students: You will receive your green carabiner in your Residence Move-In Welcome Package. You can take this carabiner to any participating retail location on campus, shown in the map below, and swap it for your meal in an ECO Container. Just let the station staff member know that you are part of the program, show them your carabiner, and drop the carabiner in the Drop Bin on the counter.

Off-Campus Meal Plan Holders: If you purchased an Off-Campus Meal Plan that includes flex $, you are automatically enrolled in the ECO Container program! You can pick up your green carabiner in the main Hospitality Services Office in Victoria Hall, room E022, and start using the program!

At the end of the year, ECO Container program participants can return their carabiner or ECO Container to receive their $5 flex deposit back.

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