Dining With Allergies


A team approach, led by you, our educated consumer, is the best preparation for a safe school year free of allergic reactions. Some steps you can take throughout the year include:

Step 1: Book an Appointment 
If you haven’t already done so, be sure to book a one-on-one confidential appointment with our Campus Executive Chef, Colin Johnson, and our Campus Registered Dietitian and Wellness Manager, Jessica Bertrand.  They will provide you with information and assistance to ensure you have safe, delicious and nutritious choices across campus.
Email: dining@queensu.ca
Phone: 613-533-2953
Location: Victoria Hall, Room E022
Step 2: Wear an Identifier 

Consider wearing medical identification (e.g. MedicAlert bracelet or necklace). You will be meeting a lot of new people throughout the year and many will be unaware of your allergies.

Step 3: Carry Your Medication

Always carry your epinephrine auto-injector (2 is recommended), just in case. 

Step 4: Ask Before You Eat

Ask to speak with a chef or manager prior to placing your order each day to discuss safe dining options as ingredients could vary at any given meal. The only way your food server will know of your allergies is if you tell them.

We want to create an exceptional dining experience for you and knowing about your food allergies/dietary restrictions will help us do just that!

Before starting at Queen’s, review resources on Food Allergy Canada for more ways to stay safe.



Dining Halls:
  • Our daily dining hall menus are posted on the Hospitality Services website here. You may check the presence of allergens using this system prior to arriving. However, always “Ask Before You Eat” in the dining halls as ingredients could vary at any given meal.
  • Our recipes featured in all three dining halls highlight major allergens including milk, eggs, soy, sesame, peanuts, tree nuts, mustard, fish, shellfish, wheat, sulphites and gluten. However, always “Ask Before You Eat” as our kitchen is not allergen free. While we make every effort to avoid cross-contact of food allergens, there is always the potential for cross-contact with other allergen containing food items, particularly in our self-serve areas.
  • Our food-service staff are provided with yearly allergy training and our management team undergo mandatory allergy certification from AllerTrain to understand the seriousness of allergies and how to safely accommodate students.

Leonard and Ban Righ Dining Hall have a ‘Simple Servings’ station that serves foods prepared exclusively with ingredients which do not contain the following food allergens: milk, eggs, wheat, soy, sesame, mustard, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts and gluten products. More information on simple servings can be found here.

Jean Royce Dining Hall (West Campus) is our smallest dining hall on campus. Although there isn’t a specific simple servings station, the chef will personally prepare individual allergy-safe meals upon request. Accommodations can also be made in advance. Always speak with a chef or dining hall manager prior to eating.

All three of our dining halls have a Gluten Free Friendly Pantry that allows you to independently access gluten-free food items as well as dedicated toasters and preparation areas. More information on the gluten free pantry can be found here.

Additional arrangements can be made if your dietary needs are unable to be met with the daily menu offerings. Wherever you are living on campus, we have measures in place to ensure you will be provided with safe, nutritious and delicious meals.

The Campus Executive Chef, Colin Johnson, and Campus Registered Dietitian, Jessica Bertrand are available to meet throughout the year for continued support and guidance.


Queen’s University Hospitality Services takes food allergies very seriously. We understand the importance of providing nutritious choices across campus that meet your dietary needs. We ask that you also follow your steps 3 and 4 each day. Together, we can create a safe and exceptional dining experience for you.

Book an Allergy Appointment     Book a Dietitian Appointment