Food Services Review Process

Queen’s University has agreements in place with contract management companies to provide services to students, staff and visitors on campus through a variety of outlets including residence dining halls, retail food service venues and catering services as well as the management and operation of the Donald Gordon Conference Centre. These agreements are due to expire in June 2020. Kaizen Foodservice Planning & Design was engaged by Queen’s University in October 2018 to provide a current state assessment, facilitate campus research, and document potential opportunities and best practices to consider for the next agreement. The first phase of work consisted of a strategic review and analysis of the current operations and market research. Focus groups and an on-line survey were conducted in the winter term (2019) to gather input and feedback from the community on current dining hall and retail operations. Findings of the Strategic Review and Analysis phase have been summarized and presented to the Food Service Review Consultative Group.

In the fall of 2019, the University will issue a public Request for Proposals for the delivery of food services on campus. Proposals will be reviewed and evaluated, and a recommendation is expected to be made to the Board of Trustees for approval in May 2020.

Food Service Review Consultative Group Membership:

  • Executive Director, Housing and Ancillary Services
  • Associate Director, Housing and Ancillary Services
  • Manager of Finance, Housing and Ancillary Services
  • Representative from the Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Student Affairs
  • Procurement Services Project Lead
  • Representative from Student Wellness
  • Residence Society Representative
  • Four Student Representatives
  • Alma Mater Society
  • Society of Graduate and Professional Students
  • Queen’s University Faculty Association
  • Queen’s Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 229
  • Residence Life
  • Representatives from Event Services

Application Process