Queen’s Hospitality Mystery Shopper Program

Queen’s Hospitality Services appreciates your interest in becoming one of our Mystery Shoppers for the 2021/22 school year. If you are interested in joining our Mystery Shopper Team, download our Mystery Shopper Package and email your completed package to dineshop@queensu.ca.

In order for all evaluations to be trustworthy and unbiased, it is important for each Mystery Shopper be objective and consistent during each shopping evaluation. Please undergo the same demeanor, ask the same product questions and be as objective as possible between each location.

A great deal can be determined about our services to students, staff and faculty through a simple shopping experience. Mystery Shopper evaluations ultimately help us make important decisions about products, services and future planning.

After each shop is completed, the Mystery Shopper will relay their experience to Queen’s Hospitality Services through a detailed report. Relaying the correct information to Hospitality Services is almost as important as the shop itself, and mystery shoppers must do their best to accurately relay information about their experience efficiently and without bias.

There are several categories that may be included in a Mystery Shop evaluation. The following is a list of common areas that could be evaluated as a part of the mystery shopper’s experience. Each evaluation should take no more than 30 minutes to complete:

•    Was the venue clean and attractive?
•    Was the menu clear and easy to follow?
•    Were the counters clear and shelves well stocked?
•    Were greeted promptly and in a friendly manner?

Locations, as well as specific meal periods, will be assigned at the time of hire. Each Mystery Shopper will be required to return no more than five (5) evaluations. Evaluations will be required to be returned to Queen’s Hospitality Services within seven (7) days of the scheduled visit.

Payment will be redeemed in the form of $100 Flex $, less your expenses.

We look forward to working with you!

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