Choosing Healthy Meals on Campus

Choosing a healthy meal can be hard when there are so many options at your fingertips. That’s where I can help! My name is Jessica, the Registered Dietitian for Queen’s University Hospitality Services!

I would like to introduce you to Health Canada’s NEW plate model: a handy tool that can help you build your meals. I personally use this when I prepare or choose what I am going to eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner. This tool will help provide essential vitamins and nutrients alongside aiding in portion control.

Here’s the gist: Build your plate with ½ fruit / vegetables + ¼ whole grains + ¼ protein. Fruit is a great option at breakfast and veggies are easier to get in a lunch and dinner. For snacks, pair protein with your fruits or veggies or whole grains. Find my blog post on snacks here.

A healthy diet includes a minimum 25g fibre per day for women and 38g for men – It keeps your bowels regular and keeps you feeling full for longer! If you’re interested in learning more, click here to read the article “Fibre is Your Friend”.

Now how do you use this model to navigate around campus? Well.. I’ve listed a few balanced choices below.

Ban Righ: The go to place for breakfast! They offer eggs, scrambled tofu, or cottage cheese (your protein), oatmeal (your whole grain) and a nice variety of fruit in the dining hall.

Leonard: The salad bar here is wonderful! You can easily build half your plate with vegetables. Add some brown rice from Simple Servings for your whole grain and dry tuna or boiled egg as a protein. You’ve just made yourself a burrito bowl! Did you also notice the grilled vegetables that are offered daily at the grill?

West Campus: Check out the deli! You can use your TAM’s at lunch for a sub + soup / salad + beverage combo. For a balanced plate, choose a whole wheat bun, add your protein (such as tuna, or tofu spread) and add those veggies!

Did you know?

· Still and sparkling water is offered around campus at the Q water stations – this can be a good alternative to soda drinks

· You can ask for sauce on the side, or different side portion sizes. Try mixing and matching items in the dining hall. Simple Servings is also a great option for those wanting simply prepared foods.

· The bakery produces 1800 whole wheat buns every week for the residence dining halls.

· The dining halls serve only free run eggs from Burnbrae Farms in Ontario.

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