We Heard You!

We listened to your feedback and we have made some changes to the TAM program to increase its flexibility!

Fresh to Go

  •  beverage option now includes a small milk, coffee or tea!
  • Get a fruit cup and a yogurt parfait for a TAM
  • Get 2 fruit cups + piece of cheese for a TAM
  • Get 2 yogurt parfaits for a TAM
  • Get a fruit cup or yogurt parfait + coffee + muffin for a TAM
  • Anti Pasto Plate + Beverage
  • Cheese Plate + Beverage
  • Fruit Plate + Beverage
  • Healthy Start with A Beverage


  • Vegetable California Roll
  • California Roll
  • Spicy California Roll
  • Teriyaki Chicken
  • Spicy Salmon
  • Salmon Avacado

Lazy Scholar


  •  beverage option now includes a coffee, tea or small milk
  • you can now get a small garden salad as a side instead of fries!
  • Get a healthy omelette, fruit and a beverage
  • Get a healthy English muffin with beverage and small yogurt cup or piece of fruit
  • Poutine


  • Get a 6″ sub and a small garden salad!
  • Any 12″ sub for a TAM!
  • beverage option now includes a coffee, tea or small milk

Wholly Hab

  • beverage options now include coffee, tea and small milk

Location 21


  • Breakfast beverage options now include coffee, tea or a small milk
  • Grilled Cheese + side + beverage
  • Poutine

Deli Station

  • Custom Deli Sandwich beverages now include small milk, coffee or tea

Salad Station

  • Salad TAM’s now INCLUDE a beverage!


  • Banh Mi sandwiches are now TAM’s!
  • Daily Specials now available
  • Weekly specials come with a tea

The Canadian Grilling Company

  • Now get the Gabe burger with fries for a TAM
  • Now get the Michael burger with fries for a TAM
  • Weekly specials available
  • Poutine

Pita Pit

  • Regular sized pitas are now TAM’s!


  • Now get a tea as your beverage in place of a coffee

Tim Horton’s

  • Now get a medium tea, small milk or bottled beverage in place of a coffee with your TAM