Swipe It Forward

Swipe It Forward Queen’s is a pilot initiative aimed at helping to address food insecurity on campus through the donation of meals from students with meal plans. The program, which is designed to provide short-term, urgent support to students in need, is accessible by referral from program partners.


How does it work?

Students with a meal plan don’t always use all of their weekly allotment of meals – for example, they may be off-campus for a weekend, or choose to go out with friends. The Swipe It Forward Queen’s program gives them the option of donating 1 meal per day (up to 5 per semester) from their current week’s 19 meals. Note: meals must be from the current week’s allotment – past unused or future week’s meals cannot be donated. Students can just let the cashier at a dining hall or retail outlet know that they want to swipe it forward. That meal will then be available to a student in need.


How does a student in need access the program?

Students can contact one of the Swipe It Forward Queen’s program partners. Meals will be loaded on their student card within 1-2 business days. Students can use the meals in any dining hall, or purchase a Trade a Meal  at any Hospitality Services retail food outlet on campus.


How many meals can a student get?

The program is intended to provide short-term support that is a complement to other resources at Queen’s. Allocations will be made based on the specific situation, and students will also be provided with information about other services on campus, including:


Want to know more? Questions? Contact us at: swipeitforwardqueens@queensu.ca (monitored M-F 8:30-4:30)


Program Partners

The following program partners can provide a referral to the Swipe It Forward Queen’s program: