Campus Market

Queen’s Hospitality Services is a department at Queen’s University that is responsible for the provision of Hospitality & food service on campus. In collaboration with our contract providers, Aramark, our love of food has driven innovation and helped bring items and concepts to campus that our customers love. As tastes and customer needs changed, so did we. This year will be introducing a new online grocery service to campus to serve our students on campus and in the local community. Campus Market is a grocery program and is an extension to our QGifts care package program, both are operated by Queen’s Hospitality Services in partnership with local providers that focus on fresh products from local and sustainable sources.

The partnership with Tony Deodato & Sons, provides students with access to local produce, beyond dining halls daily menus. Tony Deodato & Sons distributes fruit and produce from over 27 local farms in Ontario to bring the best products to our customers.


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