We’re buzzing with excitement!

Queen’s Hospitality Services and Facilities Office has partnered with a Registered Commercial Beekeeper, Don Forster, to bring an Apiary (Bee Farm) to West Campus!  This apiary is a two-year pilot project located at 300 Sir John A. Macdonald Blvd.

Bee pollinators in urban areas help ensure the health and survival of plants, flowers, and trees. This living lab supports experiential learning and local food production while improving the campus ecosystem and increasing awareness of environmental sustainability within the community.

The apiary bee is non-aggressive and bred for calmness, with a low tendency to swarm. The farm is not open to the public and access is managed and led by the professional beekeeper. While the risk of anyone being stung by an apiary bee is low, anyone who experiences an allergic reaction should call 911 or the Queen’s Emergency Report Centre at 613-533-6111. There is also a blue light emergency phone near Richardson Stadium.  

Queen’s Honey is available for purchase at The Lazy Scholar, Location 21, MC2, Student Street Express, and Goodes Café as well we online on Campus Market.

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