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Student Information

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Food Allergie(s)/ Intolerance(s)

Food Allergie(s)/ Intolerance(s)

To better understand how to accommodate your dietary needs on campus, please list all allergies, intolerances, or special dietary needs that apply.

Upcoming Sessions

Upcoming Sessions for Students with an Allergy, Intolerance or Other Special Dietary Needs

Specific dates are currently not set, however:
  • One-on-one sessions will be held during the week leading up to move in day, and into the first 2 weeks after arriving on campus (August 26 -September 13 2019). Please note: earlier appointments will be reserved for students with anaphylactic allergies.
  • Group sessions for students with allergies and celiac disease will be held close to move in day (August 31st). All other group sessions will be held within first two weeks (September 2nd - September 13th).
Please contact Hospitality Services if you would like further information: Email: Phone: 613-533-2953

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Please provide any additional questions that you may have with regards to your allergy or nutrition needs.
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