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About Queen’s Hospitality Services
Hospitality Services is the Queen’s University department responsible for the provision of Hospitality & food services by monitoring contracts with two providers (Aramark & Coca-Cola) operating on campus.

The university takes a direct role in the ongoing review of services to the campus, the strategic expansion and development of food operations, and identifies and executes renovation projects.

Queen’s Hospitality Services aims to nourish success through best-in-class dining experiences where our guests connect and thrive.

Queen’s Hospitality Services is committed to providing the highest quality, guest-centric food and experiences that nourish, connect and meet the needs of our diverse community in a sustainable and financially responsible way. 


Queen’s Hospitality Services values are a commitment to our campus community:

We will provide fresh, high-quality, made from scratch food with emphasis on in-house preparation to support the health and well-being of our community.
We will carefully plan menu development to ensure robust and internationally inspired offerings geared to support the unique tastes of our campus demographic, including those with allergies and dietary needs.
We will provide transparency in nutrition information, ingredients, and allergens of menu items to help our guests make an informed decision.
We will ensure the highest quality food safety standard is maintained at all steps of service that creates an environment guests can trust.
We aim to help protect our environment through a progressive and creative sustainability program where possible, that is in line with Queen’s University climate action plan.
We will strive to continuously adapt and enhance service experiences to meet evolving and diverse needs of our campus community.
We will manage operations in a financially sustainable manner, that provides cost-effective delivery while responsible for ensuring a financial return for the university.
We will nurture global awareness and create action that enhances the health, well-being, and resilience of the ever-changing campus community.
We will provide experiential learning opportunities and openly collaborate on active campus research where possible.
Through training and education, we support a positive food service environment for our guests and employees through respect, sensitivity, inclusivity, and empowerment.
We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service through friendly, engaging interactions delivered in a timely manner.


Management Fee Agreement

  • As of July 1, 2020, the university has entered a management fee contract with Aramark Canada.
  • Aramark is the employer of all Hospitality and food service management and staff for all foodservice locations, DGHCC and vending on campus.
  • The direct costs associated with the ​operation of Hospitality and food services are billed to the university by Aramark. Aramark is then paid a management fee for their services.
  • All decisions including pricing, hours of operation, nature of the meal plans, policies, goals, etc. are made by the university with consultation of the food services advisory committee, meal plan advisory committee and the senate residence committee.  
  • All revenues (cash, flex dollars, catering and conference) accrue to the university. 
  • Part of the contract terms include key performance indicators around quality, diversity, customer satisfaction and sustainability practices. 

Coca-Cola, Cold Beverage Supplier

Commissions Contract

  • Since 2012, the university has an exclusivity commissions contract with Coca-Cola.
  • The university receives a percentage commission on gross sales of Coca-Cola products sold.
  • Part of the contract terms provide a sustainability fund, along with funds for Alma Mater Society and Athletics and Recreation.
  • The sustainability fund is jointly managed with the Queen’s Sustainability Office to develop new recycling programs and/or support sustainability initiatives throughout the campus (recycling stations, awareness messaging, etc.).

Queen’s Hospitality Services is:

  • Ban Righ Dining Hall​
  • Leonard Dining Hall​
  • Jean Royce Dining Hall & Student Street Cafe ​
  • Gordon-Brockington: Gord’s Fresh Cafe
  • Victoria Hall: The Lazy Scholar
  • David C. Smith House: Location 21
  • Mackintosh Corry: Fresh to Go, Pita Pit, Pizza Pizza, flipit​
  • Student Life Centre: Tim Hortons, Pizza Pizza, ​Pita Pit, Booster Juice
  • JDUC: KHAO, Tim Hortons, Quiznos​
  • Stauffer Library: The Library Café​
  • Goodes Hall: Goodes Café, Starbucks​
  • Mitchell Hall: Starbucks
  • Biosciences Complex: Tim Hortons
  • Botterell Hall: Wally’s
  • Medical Building: Recharge
  • Snack vending
  • Coca-Cola:​ Cold beverage vending
  • Quisine Catering
  • Donald Gordon Hotel & Conference Centre
  • Campus Market – Groceries & QGift Care Packages

If you have questions regarding hospitality & food services on campus, please contact our team at dining@queensu.ca or 613-533-2953.

Now that you know a bit about our operation, meet the team behind the Hospitality Services!

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