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Meal Plans




  • A first year student living in residence:

Queen’s University Hospitality Services offers first-year and senior students living in residence a choice for their meal planThe cost of your meal plan will be automatically included in your first year residence fees. Both of our meal plan options have been created to suit the varying appetites of our student body.

Once you have decided which meal plan will work best for you, you can select your choice online before you arrive (typically in August).

Can’t decide? Consult our FAQs to find out which meal plan will work best for you! And don’t worry, you have until September 30th to test drive your plan and switch to the other option if you feel it best.

  • An upper-year student, an off-campus student, or a graduate student:

Upper-year students residing off-campus or who are enroled in a graduate program, can purchase one of our Optional Meal Plans. If you are an upper-year student who will reside in Watts Hall, the Watts Hall Weekly 10 meal plan will automatically be included in your residence fee.

  • Queen’s University Staff and Faculty:

Queen’s University Hospitality Services welcomes Queen’s staff and faculty to participate in all dining events and to visit our locations regularly.  At any time, staff and faculty are able to upload Taxable Flex $ to their Staff/Faculty card! To learn more, please visit our Staff/Faculty Card information page!