My Zone



Queen’s University Hospitality Services is proud to introduce My Zone, in all of our dining halls on campus.

At Queen’s University, we take allergies and special diets very seriously. We support students who have allergies and dietary restrictions by providing information and knowledge that is essential for students to make informed choices while dining on campus and participating in the university experience. We recognize that students with food allergies already experience a more limited diet than those who do not have an allergy, and are required to exert more time and effort in managing their diet than others. Our goal is to assist students with the tools that they need to be responsible in the management of their food allergy or food-related medical condition within the dining locations in ways that provide a safe and supportive transition to university life. To make an appointment to discuss allergies and dietary restrictions, please visit our Nutrition page.

What is My Zone?

My Zone is a “pantry” where food items needed by customers with celiac disease or food allergies can be housed with precautions against cross-contamination. This special area gives students the ability to be responsible in their own allergen-safe meal preparation. My Zone will remove gluten-containing ingredients and products, as well as tree nut and peanut products.

How it works

My Zone will be the students’ first stop during a meal. To assist My Zone in maintaining an environment that is free of gluten and nuts, no other food is permitted to be brought into the zone. For this reason, student will take their allergen-safe ingredients from My Zone out to the rest of the dining area.


Leonard Hall – My Zone

Ban Righ – My Zone


Jean-Royce – My Zone


We strongly encourage all of our students with allergies and dietary restrictions to get in touch with us. To set up an appointment with Executive Chef Colin Johnson and Liana Bontemp, Registered Dietitian, to discuss food options on campus, please call the main office at 613-533-2953 or email